Driving Instructions For The Vehicle With The Runners Who Are Not Running That Group of 6 Legs

To reduce the chance of traffic congestion on certain parts of the relay course, the vehicle that is transporting the runners who are sitting out the group of 6 legs and not running them must follow these driving directions.

Van 2 will be the vehicle with runners sitting out these legs. Do not travel along the relay course through southwest Reno and Verdi and later along Stampede Dam/Meadows Road. Rather, you should leave the Wingfield Park start area by traveling west on W. First Street. Turn right on Keystone Avenue and travel north to Interstate 80. Enter Interstate 80 westbound toward Sacramento and travel on the freeway 23 miles. Take the Hirschdale Road exit (Exit No. 194). At the stop sign, turn left and drive across the bridge to the exchange point on the other side of the Truckee River.
Van 1 will be the vehicle with resting runners. Do not travel on Glenshire Drive to reach Truckee. Rather, you should return to Interstate 80 and use the freeway to travel west to Truckee almost 10 miles. To see historic Downtown Truckee, use the Central Truckee exit (Exit No. 186) and turn left on Donner Pass Road. The main commercial district is just a mile or so down the road. Or to head directly to Lake Tahoe, continue on I-80 to the next exit for Highway 89 South and Lake Tahoe (Exit No. 185). Turn left onto Highway 89 and proceed south approximately 13 miles to Tahoe City. As you enter Tahoe City, turn right at the first junction, crossing where the Truckee River originates at Lake Tahoe (that bridge is known as “Fanny Bridge” because of all of the people bending over looking at the fish) and continuing south down Highway 89 about 6 miles to the vehicle exchange point at Homewood Ski Resort.
Van 2 is the vehicle with resting runners here. You have no option here but to travel the relay course south down Highway 89 to get to South Lake Tahoe. At the “Y” intersection with Highway 50 – Lake Tahoe Blvd, turn left and proceed to the Village Center just short of Stateline. That is the location of the mid-point of the relay course and the next vehicle exchange point. Look for the Starbucks and Jamba Juice stores that will be open to serve you.
Van 1 is the vehicle with resting runners for this stretch. Do not travel on Nevada State Route 207 to get to the Carson Valley. Rather, you should use Highway 50 to travel to Carson City. When you reach Carson City, turn right on Highway 395. The Carson Valley Center is located just a mile or so up the road on your right and is the next vehicle exchange point. There are Starbucks and Jamba Juice stores that will be open to serve you.
Van 2 is the vehicle with resting runners. Do not follow the relay course through Carson City. Rather, you should drive through Carson City using the two main streets. Drive north on Highway 395 which becomes Carson Street (which is the main north-south thoroughfare and continues to be the same as Highway 395). You will pass the Nevada State Capitol Building on your right. At the intersection with Williams Street (which is the main road that leaves town to the east and is the same as the route of Highway 50 East), turn right and proceed east out of town. Continue to the intersection with Nevada State Route 341 a.k.a. the Comstock Highway. Turn left and drive toward Virginia City. If you get to Dayton, you have gone too far. When you drive up State Route 341 and reach the junction with State Route 342, turn right and use State Route 342. This is the alternative route to Virginia City. Do not go straight and travel through Silver City and Gold Hill. As you enter Virginia City using State Route 342, turn right on D Street and proceed until you reach the designated parking area for the last vehicle exchange point.
Nevada State Route 341 is the one road from Virginia City to Reno, so Van 1 must travel on that road down Geiger Grade. At the bottom, you should continue along that main road to the intersection with Highway 395. Do not turn right on Western Skies Drive; do not travel along the relay course through South Reno. Drive on Highway 395 which becomes a freeway and use that route to return to Downtown Reno. Proceed to the interchange with Interstate 80 and take the exit for I-80 westbound toward Sacramento. Once on Interstate 80, travel just a couple miles or so and use the Downtown Reno Virginia Street exit (Exit No. 13). Turn left on Sierra Street and drive past the casinos. Turn right on W. First St. Cross through the Arlington Blvd. intersection, passing Wingfield Park where the relay began. Turn left on Riverside Drive. Turn right on Booth Street, crossing the river. Turn right on Idlewild Drive. Turn right into Idlewild Park where the finish line and post-relay festival are located. Park in the designated parking area.