Teams are always looking for runners and runners are always looking for teams especially a few months before the race. We do our best to help connect everyone and this year we are trying out a new format to help you find what you’re looking for in a runner or team.  We will still leave any posts on the 2024 RTO FB event page as a backup to this system.


  1. Go to this link, click “Register” and create an account:
  2. Click on the appropriate General Category you need – Looking for a Team or Looking for a Runner
  3. Click “New Topic” and in the Subject Line enter something such as your first name followed by looking for a [fill in blank].
  4. In the message section, enter the recommended information about yourself or your team.
  5. Click on “Notify Me of Replies”.
  6. Click on “Post”
  7. Check back periodically to check your post and/or to look at the other General Category to see if there is a team or runner you are interested in.